SEMA exhibition

They came, they innovated, they conquered - that is the story of Fanttik as he made his second appearance at the largest and most prestigious automotive show, SEMA, in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2023.

High quality, modern design

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) 2023 has proven to be an important event for Fanttik, an innovative automotive brand that continues to push the boundaries of industry excellence. Our exceptional products left an indelible mark at the event, with our X9 Pro Tire Inflator winning the prestigious Best Tire and Related Products award, as well as second place in the Best New Interior Accessories category for the V10 Apex Foldable Car. The double recognition at SEMA 2023 demonstrates Fanttik's commitment to innovation and quality in the automotive sector.

X8 APEX™ tire inflation pump

Fanttik showcased a full range of automotive products at SEMA, with a focus on premium tire inflators ranging from flagships to entry-level performance-oriented gadgets. One of our tire inflators, the X8 APEX™ tire inflator, won the coveted 2022 SEMA Best Media Award.

We are grateful to SEMA for recognizing Fanttik's innovation and commitment to excellence. These awards would not have been possible without the unwavering support of our customers and partners. At Fanttik, we continue to strive to push the boundaries of automotive excellence and we look forward to our journey of innovation and quality in the automotive industry."

— Fanttik's CEO